Ветеринарный фокус 2013 № 3 ( #23 )

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Название: Ветеринарный фокус 2013 № 3 ( #23 )
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Год: 2013
Номер: 3

журнал Ветеринарный фокус 2013 номер 3

Renal Diseases

Veterinary Focus - Vol. 23(3) 2013
Ewan McNeill BVMS, Cert VR, MRCVS - Editor in Chief

A Practical Approach to Hemodialysis for Canine Renal Disease
I. Lippi and G. Guidi

Feline Hereditary and Congenital Kidney Diseases
M. Suarez Rey

How I Approach... Ureteral Obstructions in Dogs and Cats
A. Berent

Clinical Findings in Cats and Dogs with Chronic Kidney Disease
S. Lefebvre

Infectious Renal Disease in Dogs
G. Segev

Biomarkers for Early Diagnosis of Feline Chronic Kidney Disease
R. Geddes

Nutritional Management of Feline Chronic Kidney Disease
Y. Queau

Cut-out and Keep Guide...Diagnostic Implications of Proteinuria
A. van Dongen

Staging System for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) - Cats
International Renal Interest Society

Staging System for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) - Dogs
International Renal Interest Society

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