Ветеринарный фокус 2015 № 2 ( #25 )

журнал Ветеринарный фокус 2015 номер 2
Small Animal Dermatology
Veterinary Focus — Vol. 25(2) 2015
Ewan McNeill BVMS, Cert VR, MRCVS — Editor in Chief
Canine cutaneous autoimmune disease
A. Shumaker
How I approach… Demodicosis
S. Waisglass
Malassezia dermatitis and otitis in dogs

K. Doerr
Prevalence of canine atopy
E.K. Saito and C. Rhoads
Canine pyoderma: the problem of meticillin resistance
A. Oliveira
Perianal pruritus in the dog
E. Maina and C. Noli
Alternatives to corticosteroids in treating canine pruritus
N. McEwan and L. Buckley
Cut-out and keep guide… Ear infection: what the owner needs to know
A.M. Cordero