Ветеринарный фокус 2012 № 2 ( #22 )

журнал ветеринарный фокус 2012 номер 2
Preventative Medicine
Veterinary Focus — Vol. 22(2) 2012
Ewan McNeill BVMS, Cert VR, MRCVS — Editor
Nutritional Considerations for Optimal Puppy Growth
Denise Elliott
Parasite Control
Jay Stewart
How I Approach… Geriatric Clinics in Practice

Mike Davies
Better Compliance in Preventative Medicine
Philippe Baralon
Vaccination Regimes for Dogs and Cats
Jane Sykes
Clinical Epidemiology — Vaccination Perspectives
Elizabeth Lund
Weight Control and Obesity in Companion Animals
Alexander German
Cut-out and Keep… Dental Plaque Control
Jan Bellows